Patrick Wollmering

Patrick is the Co-founder of Trithereum Asset Management. Prior to founding the company, Mr. Wollmering has created companies and ventures in Construction, Real Estate and currently an Equity options trader. Mr. Wollmering holds a BS degree in Education Leadership with General Administration. As a U.S Veteran serving in the Persian Gulf War (Desert Storm), Mr. Wollmering has been in leadership/manager positions most of his professional career. As an option trader he has managed both, private and SDIRA accounts for 7 years. Currently he is trading Cryptocurrencies on Major coins such as (BTC, ETH, LTC etc.), others such as Alt Coins (based on business model, utility value, historical trends and Market Cap). His historical trades to date, represent an average of 675% in returns. His future trades will represent up and coming ICO’s market ( longer hold), with a potential of 1000’s% of return on investments. Allocations of cryptos is spelled out in our methodology. Research will have its due diligence based on our own in house research, affiliates, major subscriptions and/or membership to 3rd party reach agencies, on and off the blockchain. Management skills consist of record keeping on daily closings, daily market reviews (charting with tech indicators and trading Bots), crypto market news, major market events and statistics comparing the composition of the fund to the market. Finally, Patrick enjoys volunteering for his local church and community agencies (PBHTC).

Jon Pritchard

VP Operations
Mr. Pritchard is VP & Co-founding Manager of the fund with a keen focus on Crypto-asset trading analysis & research. Jon is a serial entrepreneur who has built 8 companies and invests in emerging fin-tech markets. Prior to Trithereum Asset Management, Jon also worked for one of the top 10 Precious metals brokerage companies in the US & successfully executed large asset trades for high net worth clients. Jon also founded & managed a Precious Metals Brokerage Firm for 5 years and has always held an Austrian Economics view when it pertains to Gold & Silver. Jon’s 2017 crypto-asset trades to date represent an average return of (764.06%). His core research skills have helped develop a proprietary trading methodology that gives TAM a strategic advantage in identifying unique growth opportunities in each sector of the market. He has been involved in precious metals, global markets, and economics since 2004. Jon has a personal goal of building the world’s largest block-chain asset that will be known as “The Planet Equalizer”. My motto is the Trinity. "Faith, Family, & Friends is all that matters in the End".

Richard P Ashton

COO / Managing Partner
Mr. Ashton successfully founded and operated a Broker Dealer and Investment Advisory Firm. He spent 23 years in the financial services business before venturing into Private Equity in 2013. Mr. Ashton taught Finance and Economics as a professor at Monmouth University after attending the university for a Masters of Science Finance, graduated from Rowan University with a bachelor of Science Business, and held several securities registrations including a Securities Principals license, a Registered Representative licenses, an Options Principal license, and was Managing Principal of the firm. He was formally recognized as a Certified Fund Specialist (CFS), a Registered Financial Consultant (RFC), a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), and has written complex trading algorithms as an asset manager.