$400 of USD in Bitcoin in 2010 at $.03

My $400 put into Bitcoin in 2010 is now Worth over $36,893,333.33… But Wait

My $400 put into Bitcoin in 2010 is now Worth over $36,893,333.33... But Wait

I never bought the Bitcoins. I had a chance to buy at somewhere in the .03 penny range in early 2010 as a Gold & Silver commodities broker working for another company. Someone had called in and told me I should look into this new digital currency called bitcoin. He explained the concept and I immediately thought the internet could go down under an EMP attack or power outage and I would lose all my money. I had an extra $400 from cashing out my $7,000 under performing 401K and quickly thought maybe I could try this new digital currency for a try. Needless to say I forgot about it and so the story goes. I never thought this thing would make it and here I am now in 2017 not making that same mistake again. BTC is going to leave you in the Paper fiat currency age whether you like it or not. Why not research bitcoin and throw a $100, $1,000, or $10,000 at this thing and see what happens... You just might realize it truly is "The future of Money"

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