What does Veritaseum do? We invested for explosive grow! Here is a summary

Veritaseum...Most Disruptive Business Model in the Industry? We think so...


From Veritaseum blog

"A tectonic shift at the intersection of finance & technology approaches, where the very fabric of the global capital markets are being transformed at the atomic level for the first time since the advent of fungible currency. Proprietary P2P smart contract implementations combined with the transformational power of the blockchain, allow the entire world to participate in the reimagining of global capital markets. Purchasing Veritas tokens is analogous to purchasing the keys to the most monumental paradigm shift since the advent of the Internet! Imagine buying the keys to the Internet in 1994!"

Trithereum will use Veritaseum analysis in it's market research! 

We researched Veritaseum for 2-3 months prior to the ICO launch and knew it was a great opportunity to be apart of the new decentralized market on Ethereum. We bought at the very end of the ICO @ $6.00.

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